Posted by: forgingahead | January 26, 2010


Tomorrow is MRI D-day and I feel completely prepared.

I’ve interviewed a lot of people about what works and what doesn’t.

I rescheduled mine so I’d have a different – and hopefully better – technician running the show.

Bert is coming with and will be in the room with me.

And I have medication. Anti-anxiety medication that will hopefully make the entire two hours a happy blur.

I did a test run with the meds last week. I’m taking Ativan. I took a small dose and then tested myself by watching MRI videos on YouTube. A stroke of genius if I do say so myself.

Without the drugs there is no way I would even look at a photo of an MRI machine. With the drugs I spent an hour flipping through videos. And you know what? There are some great ones out the for kids who have to get MRI’s on their head.

That gave me pause. If I’m scared, imagine how a kid feels? Ok folks, I can do this.

Plus the video gave helpful hints like to think of the machine as a rocket. And think of the scary Hannibal Lecter face mask as an astronaut’s helmet.

T-minus 18 hours and counting. Ready for liftoff…


  1. So you’re going to pretend you’re going to the moon? Great visualization. I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow and sending out lots of positive thoughts and hugs. I know it will go well and I’m glad Bert will be with you. Now I want to go check out those MRI movies on U-Tube so I know what you’ll be going through…hugs!

  2. Best of luck; positive thoughts!

  3. I’m also sending good thoughts your way. Good luck, and I hope you can visit NV or do something else calming and restorative once you’re done.

  4. Good luck, I will say a little prayer that all goes well.

  5. You will be fine…it’s an adventure for sure…but I’m sending optimism your way…

  6. Good luck! I hope those meds make the process go smoothly for you.

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