Posted by: forgingahead | January 21, 2010

Horse Happines and a Game of Tag

I made it out to the barn last night between rainstorms!

The drive was safe and uneventful. The road was dry and in one piece. The photo from yesterday’s post was from a few years back – sorry I didn’t make that clear.

Just as I arrived at the barn the heavens opened up and let loose. But I could tell from the clouds it would pass quickly. And it did.

Now Voyager was happy to see me. We went for a nice walk around the property and he spent some time chomping away on the lush green grass.

Lush green grass is his favorite.

Just as I tucked him up back in his stall the rain arrived again. Though it was wimpy rain. Drizzle really.

I know that spending time with my horse keeps me grounded. But yesterday was a strong reminder of just how necessary my barn time is to my happiness barometer.

Last night, pre-horsey time, I was one fired up redhead. After hanging out with Now Voyager? Gentle as a lamb.

Thank goodness for NV.

Which fits in perfectly with having been tagged by Meg

10 things that make me happy:

1. Having adventures with Bert – often on our bikes.
2. Riding Now Voyager – or just hanging out at the barn.
3. Reading a really good book with Zinger on my lap.
4. Running on trails – something I almost never get to do.
5. Hanging out with my mom.
6. Spending quality one on one time with a friend.
7. Peet’s coffee.
8. Trader Joe’s Everything Crackers.
9. Dark chocolate malted milk balls.
10. Swimming in the Santa Barbara outdoor pool on a sunny day.

Thanks Meg – that was fun!

I’m tagging:




  1. and this makes me happy – seeing you lay on your horse with that big ol’ smile!! When the weather is better – i would love to visit you at the barn and watch you ride…that would make me happy. I love to hear your stories of the barn and NV. Such a happy part of your life…

    I don’t have a blog to list my 10 things – maybe I will post it on my FB. hee hee

  2. All great – but I especially like #7 🙂

  3. Yes you did list a lot of happy food items but they were GREAT food items…I love those Trader Joe’s crackers. I couldn’t wait to ready your happy list, by the way!

  4. aaawwwww…love that photo…

  5. I’m so glad you got to visit with NV between the raindrops. That is a great list. Now to put together my own….

  6. […] In a post that begin over at Clairnation’s blog, which in turn was response to friend Kathleen’s post,  I, too have found myself tagged to name the 10 things that makes me happy, or as I will put […]

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