Posted by: forgingahead | January 20, 2010

One Downside of Rain

Imagine if I lived in a part of the world that had real weather. Not these random rainstorms that last for half a day and move on. I would whine. A lot. If the last three days are any example.

My drive to the barn takes me on a breathtakingly dramatic road called Devil’s Slide. Notice the word slide in the name. It’s accurate.

In fact, they’re building a tunnel through the mountain because the people who live on either side are tired of it sliding and shutting down the road.

It’s not a smart road to drive on in pouring rain and high winds – especially in the pre-dawn hours. When I go to visit Now Voyager.

So I haven’t seen my horse since Sunday and I’m getting really cranky. And anxious. Even though Anke is keeping on eye on him I want to see for myself that he’s doing ok.

Of course, if I lived elsewhere (with real weather) I could probably afford to keep my horse on my own property which means I could even sleep in the barn if I wanted. Hmmmm.

This little beauty on 70 acres in Virginia for example…



  1. Great blog!


  2. Ooooh….nice property….can we come live with you when you acquire this rather lovely pice of real estate heaven???

  3. That was one scary road. I hope you get to see NV soon, that must be hard!

  4. Wow. That’s amazing. I wouldn’t have the gumption to drive that! Be careful!

  5. Yikes, California really is falling into the ocean.

  6. Move here!
    I did see the terrible footage of the mud slides. Scary. You be careful on that road.

  7. wow! Hope they get that road fixed soon!

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