Posted by: forgingahead | January 18, 2010

A Moment of Faux Betrayal

I’m back to hand-walking Now Voyager on these rainy days. He has his rain blanket on. I have my raincoat on. We’re quite the pair.

I’ve given into walking him with a stud chain attached to his halter. This is a chain about 10 inches in length that I wind through the halter and under his chin.

It’s an effective way of bringing his attention back to me when he gets overexcited. One short tug is all it takes.

The other day he was walking really quietly. Sort of lagging behind me and playing with the extra bit of chain he could reach.

NV is pretty mouthy – he loves to lick my jacket and chews on any available wood. One of our bad habits is he grabs my dressage whip while I’m cinching up the girth. He’s gentle with it so I think it’s cute.

So there is he is grabbing onto the chain and having a fine time.

Until it all backfires.

One moment, quietly walking. The next he’s flinging his head up dramatically and quickly backing away from me.

The look of betrayal in his eyes was heartbreaking!

I tried to explain that he did it to himself. Clearly he’d managed to yank on the chain.

He was having none of it.

I spent nearly 5 minutes consoling him and coaxing him into restarting our walk. Rubbing his forehead and making soft comforting sounds.

The funny thing is when he’s all prancy and acting up and I yank on the chain he kind of brushes it off as if to say But I’m very busy being fancy racehorse and simply cannot be bothered by your attempts to rein me in.

But when he thinks he’s been wrongly corrected (by himself, mind you) the hurt knows no bound.

I watch him more carefully now when he plays with the chain. Because yes, he does still play with it.


  1. They are such characters!!! Arie plays with everything…he bit the vet’s HEAD the other day…

  2. Gosh, I just feel your connection with him and it brings back such wonderful horsey memories. He is such a cutie, I’d let him nibble the whip too. Ooo, I love horses.

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