Posted by: forgingahead | January 7, 2010

I’m Healed…Nearly

The whole vision thing is much improved! I’m at about 90 percent of normal and improving daily.

We’re waiting on blood test results and the MRI will depend upon those and my continued improvement.

All those clichés about not appreciating what you have until you’ve lost it? True.

When I started seeing things more normally yesterday I felt euphoric. And this was just after a few short days of intermittent double vision that I could correct by covering one eye.

I’ve had the tiniest taste of what it must be like to recover from some truly life-altering experience.

Not one for making new year resolutions, I’ll simply say that I plan on living every day of 2010 with intention. Make an effort to not get swept up in the hustle and bustle of busywork and be left wondering where the day went.

Writing this blog helps a lot. It’s a time to reflect on the day and articulate what’s going on. Wait, there’s stuff going on?

Not lately. But that’s bound to change. Stay tuned for stories of horse riding on a sound Now Voyager, tales of running, swimming and cycling and the ongoing adventures of life in general.



  1. I always say: Life is not a dress rehearsal!!!

    Glad you’re doing better!!!

  2. So very true. I rush around “doing” so much without always thinking about my intentions. Thanks Kathleen, you have made me stop and think. Why am I doing what I’m doing?
    I’m so happy you are doing well and I hope things continue to improve on all levels and with NV too.

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