Posted by: forgingahead | January 5, 2010

Double Vision Update

I am now the proud owner of an eye patch. Captain Jack Sparrow, you’ve got competition!

Oh wait, he didn’t wear an eye patch. Still, lovely to look at.

Thank you all so so much for your words of encouragement. In the off moments that I’m seeing well enough to jump online your notes just make my day.

I’m happy to report that I did go to see an opthamologist today. The good news is that my eyes are perfect. Of course, that’s kind of the bad news too because it means the culprit is hiding deeper in my brain.

So, more tests. Blood work. Maybe an MRI – though given that was the worst experience in my whole entire life ever I’m pushing my doctor to explore other diagnostic options first.

I do have other good news! The vet visited Now Voyager today and proclaimed that I start riding him again! At the walk only at first, but I’ll take it! I’m over the moon.

Of course the cosmic joke is that now that the horse is healing I appear to be falling apart. I’m just going to laugh it off.


  1. First, I absolutely LOVE Johnny Depp and think this picture is HOT.

    Second, good news about your eyes being perfect. Matches you!

    Third, what the heck is with the double vision then? I want answers, because this isn’t good.

    Fourth, I had to get an MRI last year and HATED IT, came “this close” to freakin out, but was able to talk myself into “its all for a good cause”…only to have to do it AGAIN, when they saw something in my brain/head!! Second time I took a valium and it was SOOOO much better – I highly recommend if you need to get one! (this nightmare was all due to my loss of smell – and the MRI didn’t help it come back either!)

    Fifth, I am SOOOOO happy about NV. Yay for you and him! Go get on that horse and enjoy.

    Lastly, when do I get to see you? I’m in the city this week and next. Let me know if you are feeling better and able to meet.

    and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

  2. Eye patches are cool – or at least I tried to convince myself of that for the years I had to wear one. Johnny Depp could really make them way cooler than I did. I think you should play up the pirate theme while you have the chance. Glad to hear your eyes are ok, and I’m crossing my fingers that everything else is ok too!

  3. I’ve worn eye patches before. A few times. Always fun. Get some glitter and rhinestones and bedazzle it 🙂

  4. I’m so sorry I missed the eye post. However, I’m happy everything is fine with your eyes and I hope all goes with with you MRI. I’m sending xo and positive thoughts your way.
    Yeah for NV! I’m so happy you’ll be back in the saddle and I’m sure he’ll be thrilled too.
    Keep laughing and NO you aren’t falling a part!

  5. now you need some RUM! altho now while on the horse, of course.

    hope they figure out your health mysteries!

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