Posted by: forgingahead | January 4, 2010

Double Vision

I’m seeing double. Less each day, but still it’s a daunting experience.

Hence my web silence.

Here’s what I miss when I can’t see straight…

*Having a conversation with someone in person while being able to focus on their face
*Watching movies
*Being able to drive to the barn to visit Now Voyager

Thanks goodness for my new toy, the iPod Nano. It has a radio tuner and I spent Sunday ensconced on the couch listening to NPR.

I’m pretty sure this is self-inflicted…a combination of too much exposure in Santa Barbara and too much anti-histamine medication.

The symptoms began New Years Eve. We drove home from Santa Barbara the next day and I went to bed early, frustrated by seeing twice as much of everything.

Of course, after 10 days away, I HAD to see Now Voyager on Saturday . Bert drove me to the barn to keep me from driving off Devil’s Slide and into the ocean.

My boy is still lame. It’s acting more and more like a soft tissue injury and these things take a long time to heal. So I’m practicing patience.

I groomed him for an hour and walked him a bit on the path around the barn. He didn’t mind that I couldn’t see straight. He was just happy to see me. And my bottomless bag of carrots.

I promised Bert that I’d hide out on Sunday to give my eyes/brain a chance to recover. That’s where the Nano came into play.

By last night things were back in focus enough to watch the Jets trample the Bengals.

I’m not yet completely back to normal but I think I’m on the right track. Fingers (and eyes) crossed.


  1. do you wear glasses?

  2. Sucks that he is still lame. Any idea on what is going on?

  3. Wow; hope you’re recovered or at least recovering quickly.

  4. I hope you keep feeling better!

  5. Great! Both of you not sound….we were happy about the Jets too!!!

    So what’s the story with your boy? have you had him ultra-sounded?

    And you, take it easy with that double vision!!!

  6. Oh my! If it keeps up, you really should have it checked out. I know of these things. 😉

    Hope you’re better soon. Enjoy your iPod!

  7. So sorry to hear about the double vision!! Yikes! I hope that clears up soon. I hope that figuring out what is wrong with NV will help him mend quickly. Glad you got to spend some time with him.

  8. Oh no, I wonder what it is! I hope it gets better quick!!

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