Posted by: forgingahead | December 27, 2009

Swim, Run, Bike Santa Barbara Style

This place rocks! No wonder you serious runners and triathletes live in Southern California.

Bert and I had a beautiful bike ride Christmas morning. It was a little brisk but that’s why arm and leg warmers were created.

My MIL pulled out a great bike map that shows all the major bike routes around the city. How fun to ride truly bike-friendly roads. Bet you didn’t know there’s a dedicated bike path from Santa Barbara all the way out to UCSB. So civilized!

We rode the coastal trail along the ocean and then meandered through the UCSB campus. It was absolutely empty and felt like a ghost town. Ditto for Isla Vista – the little town.

As we headed inland we peeled off a layer to soak up the sun. Our 30 mile ride has less than 1,000 feet of climbing. That’s not even possible to do where we ride in and around SF. So flat!

Saturday night I headed out for a run along the water to enjoy the sunset. There were girls practicing their tightrope walking and an impromptu drumming circle on the grassy meadows of East Beach. And of course the volleyball games…

Once again, a treat to have a flat, even and car-free path to run along. I was such a happy running girl that I extended my usual 5 mile run to 7 miles!

Today the lovely Los Baños del Mar pool was open for lap swimming form 12-2. I love that the only time they are closed this holiday season is Xmas and NY day!

Ah, to swim outside under the soft winter sun surrounded by palm trees. And in a 50m pool too. Does it get any better?

Fewer flip turns. Fewer laps to count. And somehow I tricked myself into swimming a mile – a bit longer than my usual distance.

Maybe it’s the fresh Santa Barbara air. Or all the sugar I’ve been eating. Something is definitely up!



  1. 50 M pools are the best. Well, beside warm ocean waters.

  2. That pool is awesome – must find it next time I am up there! sounds like it was an awesome weekend!

  3. What a fabulous way to spend the holidays. Does all of this swimming, biking, and running point to a spring tri?

  4. Seeing that beautiful pool almost makes me want to be a swimmer!

  5. I just love SB! There is always something to do outside and the shopping is fun too! Sounds like you had a memorable time, how fun!
    Happy New Year, Kathleen! I hope NV is doing well!

  6. Sounds like you are becoming a So Cal girl! There is much to be said for all that flat ground whether walking, running or biking. Have you run into Oprah yet?

    We are back to our 70 plus weather here, so am much happier as are my allergies (today at least).
    Happy New Year!



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