Posted by: forgingahead | December 17, 2009

Naming My House

We were watching Sense and Sensibility the other night. I’m a big Jane Austen fan and can recite Pride and Prejudice nearly by heart. Of course I’m speaking of the 1995 BBC version with Colin Firth *swoon* as Mr. Darcy.

It struck me as quaint how they named their houses. Pemberly. Rosings. Norland.

I did a little looking around and found this nugget of info…

House Names up to the 19th Century

As house names became more common in the 12th century, they were often derived from the names of people connected with them. Exeter House was the London home of the Bishop of Exeter, while the Earl of Arundel lived in Arundel House.

Names were primarily given to large and prominent houses belonging to the aristocracy. Such names were often single, free-standing words: Belmont, Broadlands, or the Rosings and Pemberly of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. Of course, it was not unheard of for commoners to name their houses: in her invaluable little book on house naming, Joyce Miles notes several names from the 1700s, including Duckpool, Tadhill, and even Tumbledown Dick’s

So I’ve decided to name our house.

Since it’s “not unheard of for commoners to name their houses” I think I’m ok here.

Any suggestions?




  1. Great idea! Does it have one specific feature you’d like to highlight? A name culled from something in your garden, maybe? I call my place Chateau Clair, just because I like how it sounds.

    • I have actually named the last few homes I’ve lived in…we were ten years at Deer Hill , 2 years at a House that actually came with a name..Sunnybrook….and I now live at Canvasback…

      Canvasback came about due to our street name….as we were purchasing it, we kept referring to it as Canvasback or the Canvasback House to distinguish it from our Florida home and the house we were moving out of…and the name stuck!

      I agree…a feature should probably dictate the name so that it feels natural to you.

      BTW, I am a TOTAL Jane Austen freak…..and Colin Firth will ALWAYS be Mr. Darcy to me…

  2. @halfpass – what fun names!

    @clairnation – Chateau Clair is just perfect.

    I live on Elizabeth St and was thinking of calling her Elizabeth – is that too boring?

    • Well…you could go all the way and call the house Elizabeth Bennett….then you could very fondly callit, Lizzy…LOL

      It’s a cool house BTW

  3. OMG! All those stairs – everyday….

  4. Yeah, with all the stairs…maybe Bum Burner?

  5. Highland Blue

    • I kinda like that…nickname: Big Blue…

  6. Fred!

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