Posted by: forgingahead | December 16, 2009

A Gourmet Christmas

I did a little Christmas shopping at the San Francisco Ferry Building yesterday at lunch.

You know that adage “give people what you – I mean they – want?” Well, I must have been hungry because I loaded up on yummy gourmet treats.

Fancy black tea from England.

Jam from France.

Peanut brittle made with micro-brewed beer.

Some chocolate covered graham crackers caught me eye and into the cart they went too.

Kika’s Caramelized Graham Crackers in Pure Dark Chocolate to be specific. Made in San Francisco.

A while later, back at my desk, they somehow wound up in my mouth. Oops.

Buttery chocolately heaven.

I shared one with a co-worker in the spirit of giving.

And even saved a couple for Bert.

Color me Christmas.



  1. the SF Ferry Bldg is the BEST! And those graham crackers would have never made it home if I had bought them 🙂

  2. They even have other flavors! Coconut, and cocoa nibs and more. Yum!

  3. Yum. Funny how we buy treats (even Halloween candy!) for others that we like ourselves. I, like you, find it hard to part with it sometimes and end up eating it myself. The chocolates look amazing.

  4. OHMYGAH!!! Beer peanut brittle?!!!

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