Posted by: forgingahead | December 14, 2009


You might think this is the slow time of year for events – well, at least non-holiday/business events.

You would be wrong.

I’m in the midst of managing 7 events and am part of the team doing wrap up for 10 more.

So things are a little busy. There’s a Christmas tree in the middle of our cube village and tinsel lining the waist high walls.

Vendors are sending gifts of sweets and assorted edible treats. Coworkers are bringing in home-baked treasures to share. The sugar quotient is high.

But we’re still working and working hard.

I’m not complaining, just explaining that my creative juices are somewhat tapped by the end of the day. Don’t be too disappointed by the lack of clever banter.

The good news is (fingers and toes tripled crossed) I think Now Voyager is improving!

Yesterday my good friend Michelle met us at the barn for a visit and NV proceeded to show off by prancing along. No walking calmly for this horse. I can only hope that prancing means he feels better.

Michelle and I spent about a half hour grooming him and he was beside himself with joy. If he could purr, he would have.

My running is not going super well. My legs still feel like mud. I’ll try again tomorrow.

It’s funny because I was whining to myself about how slow I was before and now that I’m struggling a bit I wish I could get back that sense of ease I had before.

That’s life for you though…got to be in the moment and enjoy it. No regrets.



  1. Glad to hear about NV. YAY!!

    See you Friday….

  2. No doubt about it; this is a glorious but stressful season. No wonder our creativity takes a dip.

    Good to know that Now Voyager is improving!

  3. I have been so busy too! Holidays are like that 🙂 I’m so glad to hear NV is hopefully getting better!

  4. It just occurred to me that you are in the event planning business. I’m not sure what I thought you did before. Anyway. I’ve thought about that field. Given my background as a protocol officer in the AF, I think it would be fun on the civilian side.

  5. yes…busy…busy…busy! Life does ebb and flow. Glad to hear NV might be on the mend!

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