Posted by: forgingahead | December 10, 2009

Cold Run and Hot Horse

My run last night was good! Not quite as cold (46 degrees) and certainly warmer than this photo of a run in Anchorage that I borrowed from Beer Haiku Daily. I thought the photo was in the holiday spirit since it features reindeer!

My leg muscles felt heavy though like play doh (did you know that they misspelled dough?)

Maybe it was a culmination of the run Thursday, 40 mile bike Saturday and run Monday that caused the heaviness.

I sort of conveniently forgot that I’d been off my training schedule due to the lingering cold I was fighting.

This morning I headed to the barn armed with a thermos of hot water for Now Voyager’s foot. I got there before the rain began and was able to hand walk him in the arena, let him have a nice roll and a bit of grass grazing time.

The rain, when it came, contained big ol’ drops. So I set NV up in his closed up stall.

I figured I was courting disaster by trying to soak his foot in his stall but I so did not want to sit in the rain.

So I brought in the bucket and my little stool to sit on. I put his halter on but didn’t tie him up in case he really got spooked. It was pretty stormy out by this time.

Now Voyager gets the award for best foot soaking horse ever! He just stood there quietly and even let out a deep sigh. I think it must feel good.

He was being so good that I pulled a carrot out of my pocket. He took it happily and munched away.

And then came looking for more. He’s usually pretty gentle when he nudges me for treats but this time his nudge had some force to it.

And I tipped right over!

No injury as the stool is quite low to the ground and his bed of shavings is super soft. Mostly I was worried that he’d move, get caught up in the bucket and create havoc.

I’ll be darned if he didn’t just stand there watching me pick myself up.

With a look a lot like this…

And then next time he nudged me he was extra careful. You can’t tell me horses aren’t smart.



  1. Thanks for the sweet comment, I was just thinking of you this afternoon! How wonderful that NV enjoyed his soaking, I read your other post and I was wondering if they think he’ll make a full recover and if so, how long will that take? He still has lots of spunk if he’s nudging you for treats, what a little stinker!
    Stay warm and dry this weekend!

  2. Hi Meg! A full recovery is in the cards whether it’s a tear or an abscess (I think/hope) it’s just the treatment and length of time that are mysteries at the moment. Thanks for the good thoughts!

  3. Well let’s hope & pray for ye olde abscess…

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