Posted by: forgingahead | December 9, 2009

Wimpy Californians

I know, it’s cold in other parts of the world. And writing about cold weather is a sure way to put people to sleep.

I think the cold has captured the creative part of my brain and all other ideas are frozen in suspended animation.

I wonder if I can start every sentence with I.

I bet I can. But I won’t.

Zinger the cat is cold. He’s on my lap All. The. Time.

Now Voyager is warm enough in his heavy blanket but he’s not a happy camper. He has a sad look in his eye that is maybe a bit of the tranquilizer effect. But also the weariness that comes with chronic pain. Breaks my heart.

Bert and I hotfooted it down to R.E.I. last night to stock up on more long underwear. Our drafty Victorian is usually charming but these minus 30 degree nights are taking the edge off the charm.

Long underwear rocks. That and my heavy duty sweatshirt from my UC Davis crew days. No photos. You couldn’t handle the level of style. Pretty sure it would blind mere mortals.

Stay warm!


  1. The whole city seems to have gone into hibernation. You guys sound like you’re making quite the winter weather fashion statement. I hope you’re also wearing hats inside. Or maybe that’s just me.

  2. Yeah, what’s up with wimpy california? I mean it’s cold here and we are all out functioning.

  3. Clair – I’m wearing my hat so much that my hair is in a permanent ponytail to combat hathead.

    Maggs – you folks in Hawaii are lucky ducks!

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