Posted by: forgingahead | December 7, 2009

The weeks, they fly

I’m not ready for Christmas. I have visions of idyllic days filled with baking cookies and trimming trees. Well gosh darn it, there just isn’t time!

Ok, I did get in a few idyllic days. Bert and I had a long weekend getaway in Pt. Reyes.

It was certainly chilly enough to feel like Christmas.

You would have enjoyed our routine.
1. Sleep for about 10 hours.
2. Wake up and drive into town for a pastry at the Bovine Bakery.
3. Stop at Toby’s for a yummy latte.
4. Spend the rest of the day either (a) contemplating my navel (b) running through the forest (c) going on a kick-a$$ bike ride or (d) poking through the local shops.

Is it wrong that my favorite part of the whole weekend was indulging in pastry every morning?

There was the apple cinnamon raisin bun that was better than most apple pies. I had that two days in a row. And then the orange chocolate chip scone. A blend of flavors created by the gods. I had that two days in a row as well.

The rest is a blur of sugar carb goodness.

I went for a run on the Horse Trail. I thought that was kind of fitting since my horse is too lame to travel on the trail that I’d do it in his honor.

Who knew that horses require so little lateral space on a trail? It was SO narrow in spots that I had to walk for fear of winding of with a wicked twisted ankle.

Our hosts for the weekend are fellow cyclists and John led us on a merry bike ride through the rolling hills. The 40 mile loop took us inland from Pt. Reyes Station along some very quiet roads and up a scary climb called the Marshall Wall.

Don’t you just love hills called walls? Comforting.

You’ll be pleased to hear that after nearly 2 months off the bike I was able to make the climb. Slowly. But I got it done. John paid me the ultimate compliment at the end of ride by saying that my bike fitness had really improved.

Of course his comparison is a year and a half ago in June 2008 when John invited us up to Pt. Reyes do a training brick for our Santa Barbara triathlon.

I was super slow and had to turn around early. This time I actually led our little pace line a time or two!

I just got back from a late night run. It’s super chilly just now but I have these new tights from Descente called Coldout and they work beautifully.

I’m up early in the morning to see how Now Voyager is faring with his recovery. I’ll come bearing large bags of carrots and keep my fingers crossed.


  1. I’m pretty sure hitting a bakery every morning on vacation is a requirement! 🙂

  2. Sounds heavenly to me. Isn’t the word bakery synonymous with vacation?

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