Posted by: forgingahead | November 26, 2009


I’m republishing my post from last year. Because it’s still true. Don’t know if that makes me boring or lucky.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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Thanksgiving 2008

Recently my blogging buddies have been sharing what they’re thankful for and it got me thinking…and then of course I do my best thinking while writing…so you get to share in my thoughts. Lucky you.

Bert. I’d write all about what an amazing person he is but that would take pages and pages (really more along the lines of War and Peace) so I’m just going to say that I’m thankful we’re together. I’m always bubbling over with pride at his amazing photos so I gotta share them with you too…The Bert V Jensen website and at Flickr.

Now Voyager. Best horse a girl could ever have. Thank you Bev (from the bottom of my heart every single moment of every day) for the gift of this amazing creature. It’s like I was living in a black and white world – happy enough but horse free. And then Now Voyager arrived and my days became technicolor and rich and right. After a 15 year hiatus I became a horse-crazy girl once again.

Here’s a super cool shot Bert took of me cuddling with Now Voyager:


Zinger the super cat. I don’t have kids so yes, I pour all the love and hugs and kisses I would shower on my children right into my cat. And he just soaks it up. Thanks Zinger for putting up with us.

Blogging. I took a writing class a year ago from Jon Carroll, a favorite columnist of mine at the SF Chronicle. I’ve been reading his column for years and it was a real treat to learn from the master of the personal essay. Jon shared much advice that day but the thing he repeated A LOT was “writers write.” Blogging started me writing daily. And I’m loving it.

Health. I am so deeply thankful that I am physically strong and healthy and becoming more so each and every day. Discovering the sport of triathlon has this amazing side benefit too…a host of fun loving, supportive and entertaining triathlon bloggers who’ve kindly allowed me join their club and play along.

happy thanksgiving everyone!



  1. Besos y abrazos…Happy Thanksgiving! I love your list of thanks…I agree with them all!
    Enjoy and be well,

  2. Lovely; I think it’s wonderful that the blessings in your life a year ago remain the same. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Happy Belated Thanksgiving to you & yours…
    (don’t worry; I’m not going to stress out over ONE carb-loaded day 😉
    But things may get ugly if I don’t get to RIDE tomorrow in this beautiful weather…

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