Posted by: forgingahead | November 14, 2009

Now Voyager Update

The vet came to the barn yesterday morning and watched Now Voyager limp around. It looked like the left front but with no heat or swelling we couldn’t be sure.

So he suggested blocking the foot. Basically anesthitizing the foot from the ankle down. We did that. And he moved beautifully.

Proof. The problem is in the left front.

With no heat and no swelling there could be a few major things going on. Navicular bone changes. Laminitis. So we x-rayed.

The good news? Nothing obviously wrong going on with the bones in his hoof.

Which, of course, means it’s still a mystery.

Dr. Reynolds did notice a bit of a dish indentation in NV’s hoof. Note: these are not his hooves…for illustrative purposes only…

horse hoof

When a hoof isn’t perfectly straight it’s not perfectly strong and where there’s weakness there could be trouble.

Our best guess for now is still an abscess or a quarter crack that’s still internal and hence not visible to the naked eye.

So we watch and wait.


  1. So sad;-( It’s never a simple explanation, it seems, when it comes to horses coming up lame. Kind of good that you are busy at work and can give him some time to try to heal. The cold weather doesn’t help, I’m sure. My bird bath is frozen over this morning in Santa Rosa. Hope it is warmer on the coast in N.V. Land.



  2. Get better soon NV!! And good luck on your event!!

  3. I”d like to come to the barn and give NV a hug. Being injured is lousy, but not being able to figure out what’s wrong is really miserable. I hope heals soon!

  4. Sorry to hear this Kathleen – lots of good thoughts coming his (and yours) way. Lots of TLC is what NV wants, and needs! Keep us posted.

  5. Yes, such a hard thing. I’ll be thinking positive thoughts for NV and for you! Hope everything else is going well, hugs!

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