Posted by: forgingahead | November 12, 2009


I’m officially waving the white flag.

I have a huge event next week and work has already risen to a fever pitch.

No more time for writing blogs, or reading blogs or twittering or even having a thought to myself until Saturday the 21st.

A quick update before I sink away.

Now Voyager looked like he was feeling better on Tuesday. And then this morning, not so much. Dr. Reynolds is meeting me at the barn at 7am tomorrow and we’ll see what’s what.

My prediction – whatever he has going on will not be obvious or simple to identify and he’s going to suggest more rest. But my heart will feel a little lighter to know he’s been checked out.

I did purchase a reflective vest and ran with it the other morning before sunrise. I felt very safe. It’s made by Nathan was only $20 at my local See Jane Run store.

reflective nathan vest

I like how super soft the mesh is so I don’t feel it at all.

I also purchased some new SmartWool socks (love them!) and a Calli Sports Bra By Moving Comfort which totally rocks. If you’re a girl you know what I mean.

So here’s hoping that you all have a fabulous week. Keep your fingers crossed the Now Voyager finds a miracle cure and that I survive my event.



  1. Oh, I hope your event goes well, you’ll do better than survive it I’m sure! I’m thinking positive thoughts for Now Voyager too. Take care and hang in there!!

  2. I sure hope it goes sooooo well! I know it will! Good for you – taking a break and tending to the spots your feel need to be focused on 🙂 Here’s hoping the answer for Now Voyager is simple.

    hugs and much love to you my friend ❤

  3. Okay – I’m fine with you taking a week off – ONLY because I will see you next week! I will be in and out of that place ALL WEEK. See you then! Let the fun begin…

  4. Good luck with everything next week! I”m sure it will all come together wonderfully. And I hope NV gets better quick.

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