Posted by: forgingahead | November 9, 2009

My Brown Boots

I’m a happy girl. I have some pretty brown boots.

lasticity boot

Spent time with my Mom shopping on Sunday. We strolled through the many shops of Montgomery Village in Santa Rosa trying on cozy bulky sweaters and velvet jackets.

I’ve never been into an Aerosoles store but Mom is a fan so in we went. I’ve been checking out boots for weeks now so I definitely know what I like.

And I liked these boots. Nice line. A bit of heel but not too much.

Once I put them on I didn’t want to take them off. Comfy.

And affordable. Mostly because they’re not made of real leather. But I can forgive that because they’re just so darn wearable!

lasticity boot front

The Aerosole Lasticity Boot. Mom offered to purchase them as an early Christmas present. Thanks Mom!

Wore them to work today. Paired them with my new chunky cozy orange sweater. Felt like a million bucks.

A shopping success story!


  1. the problem with awesome boots is then you have to buy skinny jeans.

  2. Those boots are amazing!! Love them!! I remember those days shopping with my mom when she bought me stuff…so much fun. I love what you did with your living room too. Great color – very warm and inviting. Thanks so much for your help with my rock choices!!

  3. ohhhh i like the boots! Finding the *right* boots can take time.

  4. Nice, very nice boots. This is the year for boots; they are everywhere! Enjoy.

  5. Oh yes, those boots are sleek and beautiful. I can imagine them paired with the orange sweater. Sweet! The toe is wonderful, how did you find such perfect boots? Keep them away from the barn :)!

  6. Hope the boots are still being good to you after a day of wearing them, that is the real test. Loved shopping with you; love being with you; love you!


  7. Nice boots!

  8. Totally snazzy. You are fabulous.

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