Posted by: forgingahead | November 5, 2009

Horsey Haircut

Finally the stars aligned. I had my camera. I had my horse. And most importantly I remembered to take photos!

First, I couldn’t pass up this lovely shot of Jinx the orange tabby manx barn cat posing with Now Voyager under the full moon in the early morning light. I know it’s a little dark but the one I took with the flash was too much.

now voyager nov 2009 002

Then there’s this one where Now Voyager is pawing the ground in an effort to convey just how desperate he is for another one of those carrots sitting in the bag on the ground next to him.

now voyager nov 2009 007

To really show off the trace clip I took this photo:

now voyager nov 2009 008

Isn’t he beautiful? Just look at that nicely muscled neck, topline (his back) and hindquarters. The work Anke has been doing with us in getting him to use his back and take bigger steps with more swing through his body is really paying off.

So I dug around through my photo files and found this shot taken exactly one year ago to also document his trace clip:

NV clip Nov 08_2

Here you can really see the changes. Poor guy, he was even a little ribby back then. His neck is kind of scrawny and his hindquarters are just sort of meh. Nice clip job though. Thanks Charlotte!

I leave you with this parting shot. Let me just say it is so not easy to hold a lead rope and a camera and get a horse who is pretty sure you have a carrot in your hand to stand still for a photo.

now voyager nov 2009 009

Nope, not easy at all.


  1. I love the morning shot, Vampire Girl ! Voyager’s ears look so beautiful in contrast with the sky and light. Neat picture!

  2. That last pic is great. He looks like he is saying: pleaaaaasssssse just GIVE me that carrot…now. 😉

  3. Always so great reading your blog Kathleen…Its always a feel good moment.

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