Posted by: forgingahead | November 4, 2009

Vampire Runners

Meg Runs has a great post today about running at night.

She calls our band of nighttime runners Vampires and I love it.

I’m a vampire!

I mean, I’ve always been a fan of Vampires. Starting way back in my fanatical Ann Rice days and on through to True Blood and Twilight.

Who knew all I needed to do is take up running and then do it at night to be part of this elite community.

Meg’s post makes a really good point…reflection. For safety’s sake we need to wear lots of things that bounce light back into the sightline of approaching drivers. Especially since I run in the street.

stridelight jacket

This is pretty but a little pricey at $135 – it’s made by Stridelight

I have a very nice reflective anklet that I wear purchased from REI for the low low price of $3.00

I do need to invest in a reflective vest though. Such a simple piece of equipment that should increase my chances of getting home safe and sound.

So go check out Meg’s blog…she’s a peach and a runner. A peachy runner.


  1. Ha, I love it…”a peachy runner!” So clever of you! I totally love the reflective power running shirt and I really think the money is worth spending because not only is it safe, it also looks like you’re running-lightning fast! Seriously, I am thinking about getting this!! Thanks for the thoughts and research!

  2. I’ll do just about anything to run (or look like I run) faster!

  3. I think you should get it. $135 beats hospital bills and a shot of your tennis shoe lying in the middle of the road on the local news. Worth every penny:-).

  4. Check out illumiNIGHT stuff: Performance bike carrys it and it is reasonable and has a LOT of reflection. Downside is that with washing the reflectiveness will go away, but the tights have huge amounts of reflectiveness as well as the jackets. More than just a little strip.

  5. How about a reflective vest? (you could be stylin like those rockin Cal Trans workers) Wouldn’t need to be washed as much as a jacket since that washing seems to dim the reflectiveness. Running in the street????? Didn’t I teach you not to do that when you were quite young? I would rather buy a reflective vest or jacket than boots since one could save your life. We have an REI here, you know. Shall we shop on Sunday??


  6. Meg & Photogchic – you’re right. Spend the $ and save a life.

    Rocketpants – thanks for the tip!

    Mom – you bet! It’s a shopping date!

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