Posted by: forgingahead | November 2, 2009

Random Musings

It’s November? Seriously? Grrrr.

Sorry, I’m just not ready for October to be over. It’s my favorite month of the year and it got sucked into the whirlpool that is my life just now and flushed down the drain.

Maybe I’m a wee bit cranky because my horse is still ouchy.

On the plus side of things we did get the living room painted a lovely rich shade of red. Photos to follow just as soon as we pack away the drop clothes.

Yes, I spent the weekend painting the house and soaking Now Voyager’s hoof. Are you jealous?

NV also got trace clipped by Charlotte on Sunday. I need to take a photo of that for you as well. My words cannot do justice. Here’s what last year’s clip job looked like…it’s pretty similar…


Note, the light hair is clipped and the dark hair is his winter coat. We do this so that when they sweat in the cold winter months their hair doesn’t hold all the wetness and make them cold(er). We leave the winter coat on the legs and back for warmth.

We’re in the midst of a burst of Indian Summer weather. 75 degree days and peacefully still warm nights. Great for running. Now I see why you triathletes and runners live in areas with temperate weather.

Because of the paint fumes and warm weather we left the back door open last night. This morning we were awakened by crashing about. The culprit? A family of raccoons having their way with a big bag of Zinger’s cat food.


We intervened and when we thought they were all gone we closed the sliding glass door. Then a youngster came out of nowhere and bounced off the glass door. He/she took refuge under the couch and it took quite a bit of coaxing to get her to try again – this time with the door open.

They were back again tonight for dinner.



  1. I love the raccoon photo. But they were in your house? Ewww. I hope they go elsewhere for dinner the rest of this week.

  2. Okay, today your blog officially became my favorite. Is it really your blog or your sweet self? First, I love the trace clip…it brought back memories. Second, the racoon family, HOW sweet was that? Finally, I knew you were already a member of the vampire club the minute you talked about running and looking in windows! Oops, I almost forgot your red paint…share pictures soon!

  3. OK, so I CANNOT STAND raccoon! But- are these babies. Babie coons are CUTE.

    And vicious. And hungry.

    I’m sad Ocitber is gone too. Went too fast. I hope I do better managing November… you slow down too?


  4. Wow; I’d say your November is off to a busy start. Raccoon photo is amazing. They do love cat food, don’t they.

    PS. Now Voyager is gorgeous with that trace clip (I know it’s last year’s photo). I learned something too. Very interesting to know the winter strategy.

    Cool, very cool.

  5. I have never seen a horse clipped like that…At first I thought it was a trick of lighting. Very interesting…
    Raccoons! We get big suckers roaming around here. We learned very early on after we moved into a more rural area that leaving food of any kind (especially pet food) outside is a no-no. The raccoons come in droves! And my fat Beagle is afraid of them. They are quite big…

  6. Hope NV is better soon! Raccoons are very cute, if not vicious. Remember when we were camping as a family at Big Basin (I think) and we had left a pan of leftover pancake batter on a rock to be washed. Next thing we know, a family of raccoons surrounded the pan and were eating with their paws. Of course the babies were covered in pancake batter! They looked very much like your new family. Maybe the word is out and they followed you home (after 30 years or so???).

  7. Raccoons are a pain! But very cute too. Careful with the kitty though, my friend’s cat ended up in kitty hospital because of a tangle with a raccoon.

    Sorry to hear that NV’s foot still is ouchy 😦

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