Posted by: forgingahead | October 29, 2009

Guardian Angel of Horses

It takes a village to care to for a horse.

My village lately has been a village of one. Paula.

Here she is with her beautiful boys…Impressario and Legend…


Aren’t they stunning? The photo is courtesy of Bert, my dangerously talented photographer husband.

I was at the barn this morning, in the dark. I can’t use my flashlight too much around Now Voyager because he’s convinced it’s alive and scary. Funny old horse.

So NV and I were playing in the arena in the dark.

I was trying to make out just how much he was limping.

He was wondering why I’d taken off his warm blanket in the 40 degree pre-dawn and was asking him to trot around at such a strange time of day.

See, it’s good for a horse to keep moving, even if they’re sore. Well, as long as you’re not dealing with a torn ligament or tendon. The circulation in their legs is not ideal in the best of circumstances. And they need circulation to heal.

I try to find the balance between enough movement to facilitate healing and enough rest to facilitate healing.

He moved about the same as Tuesday – ouchy enough.

I’d brought my thermos of boiled water with which to dissolve the epsom salts. Once I lowered the temperature to not-scalding, Now Voyager put his hoof in the bucket.

I swear he sighed. It was a weary sound full of resignation. Such a trooper.

After soaking comes wrapping. But to do this you really need vet wrap.

vetwrapVet Wrap is a support wrap without the need for pins, clips or additional bandages. It stays in place by sticking to itself and it is sheer brilliance for wrapping horse parts.

I was saddened to find that my supply had run clean out. And can you imagine the local feed store doesn’t open until – oh I don’t know – 7am or so? Not early enough for me!

It’s critical to keep Now Voyager’s hoof soft and soaking in a poultice to help draw out the abscess. Hence the need for the wrap.

I was seriously bummed. Distraught, actually.

And then I left a note for Paula on the white board.

“Hi Paula, this is Now Voyager. My mom is a goofball and ran out vet wrap so my foot is not going to heal. Help please.”

Paula called me at work and left me the most wonderful message.

“Don’t worry, I packed and wrapped NV’s foot and he’s all good.”

THANK YOU PAULA! From the very bottom of my heart. You truly are a guardian angel.

paula legend



  1. NV is a beautiful… hmmm, what is he? Is he human? He’s gorgeous. He’s lucky to have you, and Paula. 🙂

  2. Isn’t life grand when we all pitch in to help each other?

  3. What a totally sweet and thoughtful gesture since she knew you’d be worried I’m sure! You are so fortunate in every way! Happy Spooky Night to you too!

  4. Ohhhh NV hope you feel better soon!!!

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