Posted by: forgingahead | October 28, 2009

Boot Envy

It’s boot season in San Francisco. So many styles, colors and heel heights to choose from. Paired with skinny legged jeans or a nice chunky wool skirt and tights.

I envy them all.

Here’s my problem. Being a horsey girl if I’m going drop a chunk of change on some pretty boots they should be for riding.

But a pair of boots that is actually used for riding is going to show wear and tear.

So I have to get over myself and purchase a pair, or three, for work.

Shopping in the new Whole Foods in Noe Valley (yes, only 3 short blocks from my house – who’s the lucky girl?) I did a double take the other day.

This woman was wearing spotless Irideon britches and two-tone riding boots.

two tone riding boots

No one I know has spotless riding gear, so I had to ask. And sure enough she said “Oh no, I don’t ride. But I just love how comfortable these pants are and I wear them everywhere.”

I had to know where she found said gear, not being of the horsey set. We have ONE tack store in San Francisco and she’d discovered it. Tal-Y-Tara Tea & Polo Shoppe is probably better known for its high tea service but what smart cross-marketing!

My search continues. Wish me luck.



  1. oh my god, everyone in san francisco has fantastic boots. its like a rule

  2. And now we have the “Oprah Effect” to contribute to the boot craze. According to her stylist guy, boots in every style and shape are so in this season.
    Maybe we should go boot shopping before Christmas?

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