Posted by: forgingahead | October 26, 2009

Did You Get the Memo? Blue Walls Are in.

We’re having a bit of an Indian Summer just now.

I love to run at night when the air is still and warm. And since that happens, oh, maybe 8 times a year I headed out last night for a run.

The fun part of warm weather in San Francisco is an abundance of open windows. Windows that are usually shuttered against the cold fog howling through the streets.

And open windows are a visual paradise for a night-runner like me. Lots to look at.

Sometimes I’m nosy about what people are watching on TV. But since we’re getting ready to slap some new paint on our living rooms walls I was noticing the color of walls.

A lot of them were blue.

No soft pastel shade either.

More like this wall featured on Apartment Therapy:

blue walls

I know! That’s really bright, no?

Not one, not two, not three…at least a dozen homes I ran by had this shade – or a close approximation – on their walls.

I painted my mom’s place many years ago and this was the shade that I painted the bathroom. A tiny little windowless room. And that was too much. I painted over it.

Well, to each his own and I think it works in the above photo and it looked nice in all the homes.

But we’re sticking with RED. Specifically the Ralph Lauren shade of Venetian Red in their Thoroughbred line of paints. How perfect is that?

Will let you know how it turns out.



  1. How funny, I LOVE running at night to see what’s going on around the town. Love it…I am drawn to lighting; lamps, overhead, corners, in the windows. You seem to like the paint! I’m really not into blue tones of any kind, they make me so sleepy. I LOVE reds and our own pumpkin orange kitchen; very spicey throughout the year.

  2. #1 – I LOVE apartment therapy!
    #2 – I also really enjoy looking in people’s windows when I run past them early morning or late night. Not stalker-ish, just seeing them drinking coffee, reading the paper, their decorations, etc.
    #3 – we will need pics of your room when finished 🙂

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