Posted by: forgingahead | October 20, 2009

Snow Patrol Disappointment

I was so looking forward to the Snow Patrol concert Friday night.

Bought tickets months in advance.

I’m a big big fan. Their music is melodic and ever so slightly rocking. I think the genre is officially called Indie Rock.

This first song – Make This Go On Forever – is a good example of what I mean. Plus, it’s set to scenes from my all-time fave show – X-Files!

So what went wrong? Well it was either a deaf sound guy, bad acoustics (at the Oakland Fox Theater) or the band thinking that the loud noise equals happy audience. Or a combination of all three.

In my humble opinion it did not work. I tried to get into the groove but my eardrums were on the verge of exploding. And that’s with the earplugs in.

Their sound was *distorted* and bad.

These Irish boys are so talented. Beautiful voices, lovely harmonies and songs with words that tell a story.

Here, I found a video on YouTube of an acoustic show they did in Nashville at a Grimey’s music store. The production quality is low but it gives you real sense of what they’re like.

Now this show would have been the one to see. Aren’t they adorable? That’s Gary Lightbody on the left (lead vocals, rhythm guitar, piano) and his pal Nathan Connolly on the right (lead guitar, backing vocals).

And these are two of my favorite songs: Chocolate and Crack the Shutters.

The song that gets cut off is called Olive Grove. It’s a keeper.

In fact, if you haven’t heard it their album A Hundred Million Suns is one of those rare recordings where every single song is great. IMHO.

So from now one I think I’ll search out acoustic shows at tiny venues. I’m open to suggestions! Any favorite Bay Area venues?



  1. That’s really too bad. The Fox is supposed to be a great venue. Not necessarily for acoustic shows, but I really like Bimbo’s. The acoustics are good and the venue is tiny, so the bands I’ve seen there can really interact with the audience. Cafe du Nord does a lot of acoustic shows, as does the Plough and Stars (mostly traditional Irish stuff and tons of fun!). The Ashkenaz in Berkeley and Noe Valley Ministry are also good venues to check out.

    Unrelated, the X-Files was my favorite tv show. Now I have to look into Snow Patrol.

  2. I was supposed to see them a couple of years ago at Endfest (concert with multiple artists sponsored by a local radio station). But they were never able to leave the UK because of the London bombings…remember that? Totally screwed up the main stage lineup. Had to watch The Mars Volta instead…not so good. But the Red Hot Chili Peppers did an extended set and they were epic!

  3. it SO sucks when reality doesn’t meet expectations (esp when you pay money for it!). what a drag. maybe they had technical difficulties at the last minute, who knows.

  4. What a bummer! I love Snow Patrol too! I have nothing for you in the bay area but if you’re ever down this way the Belly Up is a great little place. Going there later this month for a show 🙂 Ahhhh off-season fun!

  5. […] Snow Patrol? I worship them and then they blew out my delicate eardrums at a concert. Well, I haven’t […]

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