Posted by: forgingahead | October 9, 2009

Me and Nick Hornby

Turns out the universe really is connected.

I love the rush of recognition when I come across a moment of connectedness.

Two such moments whacked me upside the head yesterday.

The first time was after I’d written my post about Being in the Moment and used the word noggin – a first for me.

I then wandered through the lush garden of my favorite blogs. Fat Cyclist used the word noggin in his post too and it gave me a such a giggle. In short, ride out of your noggin, but only to the extent that you remain upright. He’s talking about a 24 hour race he’s doing this weekend in Moab. Hardcore!

Then last night Bert and I went to hear Nick Hornby in conversation with Dave Eggers at the City Arts & Lectures program.

Fabulous. Wonderful. Like sitting in someone’s big living room and listening to a couple of nice, smart, funny guys have a chat. I loved it!

juliet naked

Nick has a new book out called Juliet, Naked and he read a passage:

“The cliche had it that kids were the future, but that wasn’t it: they were the unreflective, active present. They were not themselves nostalgic because they couldn’t be, and they retarded nostalgia in their parents. Even as they were getting sick and being bullied and becoming addicted to heroin and getting pregnant, they were in the moment, and she wanted to be in it with them. ”

I practically fell out of my seat I was nodding my head along in agreement so vehemently. And isn’t that just a kick-a$$ paragraph? Brilliant.

Of course, Nick also said he’s a bit worried about the trend in blogging because blog writing doesn’t encourage re-drafting and re-working the writing before publication.

Dave agreed and said that at his non-profit where they teach kids to write826 Valencia they have proofs on the walls of different draft versions of novels. For example they have draft #20 of Amy Tan’s The Bonesetter’s Daughter and he said it blows the minds of these kids to see that even accomplished writers work so hard on their books.

They have a good point but I’m enjoying this blog thing. It gets me to write something most days and for that I am thankful.


  1. Wow. Love the connectedness of life as well.

    Nick’s new book looks interesting; I’ll put it on my list.

  2. I tend to write a post in my head over and over, changing and rearranging and coming up with clever titles, etc., before I ever begin to put words down in coherent sentences. I would like to be more spontaneous but I feel the need to have each post be coherent, grammatical and read-worthy. Maybe that diminishes the whole point?

  3. Ah see, I’m more of a stream of consciousness writer. Whether or not it’s read-worthy is wide open to interpretation.

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