Posted by: forgingahead | October 8, 2009

Being in the Moment

When I’m running down the street at night I better be in the moment. That or I may be squished.

Riding Now Voyager requires laser like focus on the moment. Because his moment can turn dangerous and I’d best be ready.

nv trot sept 2009

Bombing down a steep hill on my bike is a very *in the moment* thing to do.

Same with swimming. If my brain starts to wander too much I might miss the impending approach of the wall and rather than execute a lovely flip turn I’d be left with a banged up noggin.

I’ve decided that I’m an *in the moment* junkie.

Take my run last night, for example. It was late. I’d successfully procrastinated all day and my excuses (too hungry, too windy, too busy) had finally run out at 9:00 p.m.

So I laced up my shoes, turned on my iPod and headed out. It was one of those “oh, I’ll just do the 2 mile loop since it’s so late” kind of nights. But when I hit the turnaround I was enjoying having the roads to myself. So I kept going.

As I got further away from the perceived safety of Noe Valley (really, no place is super safe) and deeper into Glen Park territory I started getting a wee bit worried. There are some pockets of housing that are *project-like* and in the past I’ve had large, slow moving sedans with darkened windows and thumping bass pass me by at dangerously slow speeds.

I listened to myself and turned around earlier than usual. Sometimes it’s good to pay attention to that inner voice.

This morning I was riding Now Voyager and not being in the moment. He’s such a good horse that I got lazy.

But he is a horse. And a horse is a flight animal. And if something startles a flight animal they, you know, fly.

Not entirely sure what startled him this morning. Could be the new horse that came to visit.

Annamae unloaded her big white Thoroughbred, Pinot Grigio, from her trailer. That certainly got his attention. NV is not a fan of trailers and he worries when his brethren emerge from said scary thing.

But it wasn’t until she was leading Grigio by the arena that Now Voyager really took off.

Who knows what ghost of Christmas past a white horse represents for NV – but I could not settle him down. I was suddenly sitting on a geyser getting ready to blow. The power was amazing. His body was a tightly coiled spring dispersing mini-explosive bursts.

Prancing in place. Then jumping into a canter. Head held high in the air and hindquarters fully engaged.

Good reminder of how incredibly athletic my boy is and he’s entirely capable of doing these collected movements with great power if properly motivated.

Believe you me, I was in the moment then! What a blast!

nv laughing sept 2009


  1. Beautiful.

  2. Sounds like so much fun with Voyager. Just look at your smiles, you are definitely in the moment. It’s amazing how you are able to control the strength and energy of your boy with your own energy and strength. Such a connection!

    I love running at night with our dogs, I never feel unsafe but I can’t always see very well! Be careful!

  3. Ah yes, I have made the mistake of relaxing too much or letting my mind wander while riding, the moment you do you can bet that something really scary (like a sprinkler! or a hose! or a pumpkin!) will catch Missy’s eye and off we go. Thankfully I’ve always been able to get her back under control but it is amazing how scared they can be of just about anything.

  4. Those are some beautiful pictures of you and your very pretty horse!

  5. […] first time was after I’d written my post about Being in the Moment and used the word noggin – a first for […]

  6. Beautiful pictures! I bet you have to completely BE THERE with such an amazing animal.

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