Posted by: forgingahead | October 7, 2009

Arnica and Friends

I ran into a van the other morning on my run. Don’t worry, the van was stationary.

Some of the streets of San Francisco are quite narrow. This particular street is exceedingly so. And I run in the street.

So when a I saw a car approaching I did the sensible thing and stopped, stepped out of the street and let the car drive by.

There I was being all sensible when in the process of stepping back into the street I also stepped forward. Smack into the bumper of a rusted white van.

I must have had some good momentum going because it stung pretty good but being in the midst of my runners high I just kept going. Noting for future reference that I bet there would be a pretty good shiner later on.

I have a terrific proactive treatment for bruises and aches and pains. It’s called Arnica. It’s a plant related to the sunflower that has anti-inflammatory properties.


This particular container of arnica reminds me of good times with Bert, David and Allison in San Carlos, Mexico. I purchased it at the local health club after a deep tissue massage that left me in need of something to help with sore muscles.

So while I’m not super thrilled to have basically run into a parked vehicle, and I do have a lovely bruise on my knee I am thankful for this daily reminder of good times under the sun with good friends.



  1. nicejob!

  2. Yeah for Arnica! Glad you’re OK.

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