Posted by: forgingahead | October 6, 2009

Horse Happiness

My day began with a short but fun horse ride early this morning.

nowvoyager sept 2009

The sky was blue and the air was a chilly 47 degrees. I know, my friends in colder climes are laughing about referring to 47 degrees as chilly, but it’s all relative.

Now Voyager is NOT a fan of machinery and whenever a cart or tractor rumbles by his eyes go cartoon-saucer wide and he starts dancing around.

I was in a bit of a time crunch this morning and the evil tractor was idling between us and where we needed to go to get to the arena.

My horse friend Paula, bless her heart, offered to walk him by the big scary behemoth.


I know, you horsey people think I’m a chicken and you non-horsey people are saying to yourselves “what’s all the fuss about?”

Here’s the deal. Now Voyager has completely flipped a few times around big vehicles so now I give off a bit of a panic-vibe myself on his behalf. Which of course feeds his panic. Such a co-dependent cycle.

Paula, on the other hand, is a master of communicating to the horse that “no, pay attention to me and notice that I’m not afraid of the green monster.”

It worked! He danced by the tractor, but he did it! Big brave horse.

The cutest part was that once we all got into the arena he was desperate to see me. Kept craning his head around trying to get to me. As if I could save him. If only.



  1. I cannot imagine having to *work* with such a large animal to get it to go where I want when i want and keep him calm. Amazing.

  2. That is just amazing that he was looking for you to save him…or at least for security. Were you joking about the co-dependent thing or do you think you are both in that cycle…horses are so darn interesting to me!!!
    Nice to hear from you, can’t believe how chilly you have it already up there!

    • Meg – pretty sure it’s really co-dependent. Paula says he picks up on my anxiety so I have to get over that. And then maybe he’ll gain confidence. It’s just this one thing but it’s a deep seated fear that he has. Maybe he was chased by a big truck in a former life.

  3. Fun reading 🙂 May I suggest you give Natural Horsemanship a try. It has made my horses into the envy of many of my friends. It saved my mares life. Everyone wanted to put her down. Wtih just a little bit of work she is a calm, easy going , horse. A real joy to be around. Been offered alot of money for her by some big name trainers, she just had some really bad handlers 🙂

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