Posted by: forgingahead | October 1, 2009

David Byrne and The Little Yellow School Bus

A Good Walk Spoiled

Bert and I were walking around the ‘hood this morning. Enjoying the crisp autumn air and chatting about seeing David Byrne last night at the City Arts & Lectures event.

More on that soon.

We were halfway through a crosswalk when the little yellow school bus that was waiting to go, went.

Or at least started to go. With us *right* in front of him. Maybe, oh, 3 feet away?

And what’s three feet when a little bus with a big engine starts to move forward.

Not gracefully, light a purring sedan, but with a lurch.

Bert jumped out of the way. He was closest. And he has wicked fast reflexes.

I’m more of the slowpoke relex variety. I mean I did move. While my heart jumped into my throat.

And then from a safe distance I turned and looked. Ok, maybe I glared but it was out of fear.

Funny how fear can turn to anger.

The driver was smiling sheepishly and waving an apology.

My fear/anger was not assuaged.

I did get over it once the adrenaline started to leave my bloodstream.

There are two ironies to this story.

1. I run a lot. In the street. And I’ve never come this close to a collision.

2. David Byrne and the other speakers on his panel last night were all talking about re-imagining our cities and how pedestrians, cyclists and cars can co-exist.

Herbst Theater was packed with 916 fellow cycling enthusiasts. well, except for the handful of older folks who asked questions at the end like “I don’t see why they have to close Golden Gate Park to car traffic on Sunday.”

A few people had scary stories of close calls between bikes and cars.

Maybe I should have considered it foreshadowing.



  1. Yikes; glad you’re OK. And from a school bus too….think of all the times you’ve stopped behind those yellow buses to wait while all the children were safely exited onto the sidewalk. I always think of school bus drivers as exceptionally aware and compliant to the laws of the road. Hmmmmm.

  2. I’m so happy you and your husband are okay! That is so scary…how interesting that it happened the following day, ah!
    By the way, I love the balance of your blog; horses, social and tri. It gives me a perspective on our life and your views overall…not just the tri or horse stuff…that’s just my opinion.

  3. Scary! Glad you did not get hit! I’m glad they close the park one day a week to traffic!!

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