Posted by: forgingahead | September 18, 2009

Edward Gal and Moorlands Tortilas Win with 90.7%

Sit back and enjoy this world record setting performance by Dutch Edward Gal and his 9 year old stallion Moorlands Tortilas competing at the European Championships in Windsor on August 28, 2009.

This is what the very top of my sport looks like…

As with any subjective sport (think ice skating) a performance this dramatic has its supporter and its naysayers.

The freedom that Moorlands shows through his shoulders is jaw dropping. At one point the announcer quips that he’ll have to be careful to not knock his teeth with his knees.

Then there are the folks that feel all the action up front keeps you from noticing that he doesn’t, perhaps, track up behind as well as he might.

Me, I’m dazzled.

Moorland’s canter pirouettes are awesome and I haven’t been this moved by a dressage test since Blue Hors Matiné.

But Blue Hors Matiné (also 9 years old at the time of this test) is a cautionary tale of bringing a young horse along too quickly. Making demands on young bones, ligaments and tendons can result in long term damage.

This beautiful white mare who took the dressage world by storm in 2006 battled injuries for the next several years and was ultimately retired this year.

Let’s hope the team managing Moorlands has a better long term plan.

Now for something just plain silly. Those of you with horses will get a big giggle.

Wikipedia entry:
French and Saunders is a British sketch comedy television show written by and starring BAFTA Award-winner Dawn French and Emmy and BAFTA Award-winner Jennifer Saunders.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


  1. I was never impressed with Andreas’ ride – watched it twice and found it revolting the second time around. The man should have his spurs suspended.

    In start contrast, I was most impressed with how well Edward used his. It brings hope to my heart that perhaps some of the upper level riders actually learn to ride.

  2. We have a fabulous interview with Totilas’ rider Edward Gal and footage of his test at the Hickstead World Dressage Masters in July. Enjoy…

  3. so i just wanted to pop by and let you know: i have watched this totilas video a ton of times. and now we have a new dressage aficionado in ben! yesterday his aunt sent me a video of a horse she is looking at, he was doing a training level dressage test. i watched it, horse is a little sweetie, and ben wanted to see what i saw in it. then to show him what can dressage can really entail, i popped over here and hit play on totilas – he was captivated for the entire six and a half minutes! “how does he DO that!”. watching a normal horse beforehand (and again after) just accentuated how amazing totilas is.

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