Posted by: forgingahead | September 2, 2009

My Horse the Thespian

I’ve been going to barn early in the morning.

Really early.

Before the breakfast cart filled with hay arrives and feeds all the beasties in the barn.

Never have I felt so much love and affection as when I am the first human those twelve horses see. Every single one of them hangs their heads over the stall doors and penetrate me with their gazes begging for food.

I can’t take it. So I grab a carrot or some sugar cubes and walk up and down the aisle with my meager offerings. It’s not much, but they appreciate the gesture.

Now Voyager isn’t able to whinny like a regular horse. He had throat surgery at some point in his racing career and it left him with more of a grunty kind of sound.

I only hear this sound when he’s either (a) really happy to see me or (b) hungry…or at least excited about the prospect of food.

And really the two tend to blur together but he’s pretty much happy to see me because I am a reliable source of food and treats. Oh, I know he loves me too.

Right? Sure.

I pull him out of his stall and his head immediately drops to the ground scrounging for a stray piece of hay dropped from the night before.

Clearly, the horse is famished.

So I tie him up and grab some grain for him to munch on while I’m brushing him.

You’ve never heard such happy crunching sounds. He even licks the bowl clean.

Then Now Voyager begins the dance of pawing at the ground and rolling his eyes back to keep me in sight. All the better to plead his hunger case.

Seriously, this horse should be awarded an Oscar for his performance. He’s a natural.



  1. Sounds like you still feel loved and appreciated, even if it’s only for the sugar and grain…they do give back in other ways too, right?

  2. Sounds heavenly to be the first one there. You described it well. I had a perfect picture in my mind of the horses peeking at you over their stalls. Does it smell different early in the morning? That is always the sense that hits me first when I visit a stable. It is kind of a sweet smell to me. Is it to you?

    • Meg – the horses give back in countless ways – they are truly wonderful creatures and I’m so lucky to have one in my life.

      Mom – the barn smell is very sweet and comforting – any time of day 🙂

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