Posted by: forgingahead | August 28, 2009

Summer in San Francisco

Finally, summer has arrived in San Francisco! Right on schedule at the end of August.

Yesterday during lunch I sat outside on a bench. The sun was shining but there was the usual cooling breeze coming off the bay. So I kept my sweater on and wound my scarf a bit more tightly around my neck.

By the end of the hour I had the scarf and the sweater off.

At 3pm I stepped outside to run an errand and was blasted with a wall of heat.

Temps had gone from 68 degrees at noon to 78 and still climbing.

So we stopped by the fish market on the way home and purchased some fresh wild tuna and swordfish. Brought it home and BBQ’d it into a tasty meal. Yum.

Last night we slept with all the windows open. For those of you who live in places with real seasons you’ll think I’m a little nutty. But what a treat to have a warm night.

The sunrise this morning was spectacular. It began as a line of fire low in the horizon and built to a robins egg blue sky filled with bright pink cotton candy clouds.

Finally, our San Francisco summer is here.



  1. Happy summer! It’s really a fabulous time of year. Enjoy it.

  2. It’s hot here too but you must really feel the change up there! The sunrise sounded spectacular! Hope the horsies are staying cool. Did you know my sister has horses in Moraga on her ranch? Just thought I’d mention it..that’s where I sometimes get my horsey fix!

    Enjoy the weather.

  3. yeah, it is amazingly warm! i went for a ride last night and i could feel the heat radiating from the pavement!

    thanks for stopping by c.w.a.j.a.?.! you have some nice photos here!

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