Posted by: forgingahead | August 24, 2009

And the weekend just flew by

I had so much fun this weekend there simply was not a moment to spare for the mountain of housework I *should* have been doing.

Well that’s just tough.

The highlights…

Lunch at Zazie on an unusually warm day. We sat in their secret garden and dined on their poached eggs doused in heavenly hollandaise. I’m not even a fan of hollandaise but this is so sublime and lemony and creamy that it leaves you weak.


I also met my virtual twin Jen – horsewoman / event producer extraordinaire. Though she just returned from the Bahamas and is off on a horse vacation in Greece next week. So perhaps it’s just me wishing we were twins. That’s her on the right enjoying a fabulous Zazie dinner in the secret garden.

The coffee scene at Farley’s in Potrero Hill where we met @hoverbird and learned a ton about Kindle, the iPhone, Twitter and other fabulous technologies. Plus Patrick’s a charmer. We got to talking after he appeared with the most yummy looking bagel and lox. “Oh, you can get that next door,” he said. It was as tasty as it looked.


Saturday afternoon was spent at the barn playing with Now Voyager. I know you’re all probably tired of hearing it, but I have the BEST horse! He’s such a character. And he’s beautiful. And so fun to ride. We have a ball. Denise and I were all set to venture out onto the trails but were foiled by closed gates and high horses so we stuck to the arena.

Me and Now Voyager

Chick movie-night with my homegirls from the barn. Julie and Julia was a delightful movie (Meryl Streep is a force) and dinner afterwards was super fun. A big shout out to Anke, Paula, Charlotte and Denise for a great time.


Cycling in Marin. Though thinking of the $400 ticket a friend of a friend got in Marin for running a stop sign on his bike slowed me down! I’m spoiled by all my riding in stop-sign free Half Moon Bay. We started in the fog – discovered glorious warm sunshine in Fairfax and returned to foggy Sausalito. 30 miles!


In between there were Dexter Season Three episodes to watch, Team Fatty Livestrong Philly updates to track (strong turnout!) and books to read.

fc team philly

Ah life.



  1. Sounds like a wonderful weekend all around!!

  2. What a fabulous weekend. Food, friends, Now Voyager, cycling, ahhhhh is right!

  3. That looks like the absolutely perfect weekend! Your gorgeous horse is always such a joy to see on your blog. And I can’t wait to see Julie and Julia either!

  4. Oh, how fun! It was a treat to experience your fun weekend through pictures. Your horse is gorgeous!

  5. What an AWESOME weekend!!! I love it all!!!

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