Posted by: forgingahead | August 19, 2009


On May 12th of last year (2008) I published my very first post.

I started blogging for the usual reasons.

I wanted to write and making it public meant I might actually do it.

And I wanted to keep track of all the new experiences I was having through my transformation from layabout to athlete.

Little did I know what a wonderful door I had opened. The door to a community of people sharing what they’re up to.

Here’s the thing; some of the most mundane goings-on in life can be entertaining. And from a training perspective it’s incredibly motivating to see what others are tackling and to know that even those at the top of their game struggle.

My dressage trainer Anke Herbert told me recently that she thought attending dressage clinics and learning that even Grand Prix level riders have to work every moment they’re on the horse has improved my riding.

I definitely learn best from the experiences of others and the blogosphere makes it possible to find people who inspire me from around the globe.

Meghan asked yesterday in a comment what the deal is with twitter. I mulled the question over last night and woke up with this metaphor in mind…

Imagine you’re on a subway train but instead of completely random strangers the car is filled with random strangers who share your interests.

For me it’s a mix of horse people and cycling fans. And they’re all talking about things they care about. Who won the recent bike race? How many mustangs are the BLM planning to round up?

I love it. Sure, for some it’s too much. But when I’m looking for the comforting sound of familiar chatter I step into the subway car and soak it all in.

Plus it’s an awesome way to follow an event – my personal experience is following bike races like the recent Leadville 100. You pool together dozens of people who are twittering about what is going on and pretty soon you’re painting a real-time picture.

Plus, you get caught up in all the excitement! It’s like watching football on a giant virtual couch.

So there you have it. Twitter is both a subway car and a couch.



  1. Way deeper than I need for a wednesday…but thanks!

  2. It connects everyone!

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