Posted by: forgingahead | August 18, 2009


On Sunday I was thinking about going to the pool.

While standing in the kitchen procrastinating I checked the calendar to figure out the last time I’d gone swimming.

“Hmmm, it’s probably been 4 or 5 weeks,” I thought to myself.

Right. Try 8 weeks. To the day.

56 days, to be precise.

I grabbed my swim bag and practically ran out the door.

Jumping in the water felt cold and refreshing. The first lap was like coming home.

On the second lap every single muscle started to protest. Oh, not seriously. More like a kid whining “do I have to?”

This is where the experience of the last 18 months comes in handy…I’ve learned that protesting is just a phase of any training session. You push through it and the body feels better and stronger than you thought possible.

I did sprint sets. I struggled for breath and occasionally thought I might drown.

But I kept going. Lap after lap. Until I’d gone a mile.

Which is right where I left off 56 days ago.

Happy to be back.


  1. Awesome! It comes back so quick 🙂 And you’re right – the muscles protest but if you are good to them and push them forward they work just fine.

  2. Way to get back into it. It will all feel good in no time.

  3. It feels great to return to something you haven’t done in a while…very sweet.

    I haven’t gotten into the Twitter thing, why does everyone love it so much? Explain Twitter please!

  4. You are a veritable triathlete!

  5. Sounds like lots of learning about training in the past year! And back right where you were…awesome.

  6. Good job! [Brilliant, heh heh]
    That does it – gotta set down w/hubby this weekend & thrash out the possibility of Our Very Own Pool (I’ve wanted one for most of my conscious life)!

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