Posted by: forgingahead | August 17, 2009

Twittering the Leadville 100

First, a confession.

I’m getting a little addicted to Twitter.

Saturday morning I was up early with every intention of getting the jump on the day with a fabulous bike ride around Paradise loop in Marin.

But my pal Fat Cyclist was racing in the Leadville 100 – this insane mountain bike race in the mining town of Leadville, CO – and I just wanted to see how he was doing.

Really, just a quick check.

The BEST way to track a race is Twitter.

People tag each tweet so you just search your term – in this case it was #leadville or #lt100 – and then anyone and everyone who is tweeting about the subject pops up.

Not only was I able to follow the race, I discovered some more cool cycling fans to follow on Twitter.

I saw photos from a guy who was right on the course, and I found out the moment LiveStrong’s Chris Brewer reported that Fatty had crashed out.

Fatty (Elden) is ok – though if you check out his post with photos of the ravine he flew down you’ll agree that someone (Susan) was watching over him.

I was also tracking Lance Armstrong. Well, me and the rest of the world.

lance leadville

Check out blog for awesome photos of the race. Thanks Rob for the loan of this fab pic!

Dave Wiens had won this race the last 6 years, although Lance was right on his tail last year.

Experts agreed that with all the tour riding Lance has been doing lately he was a pretty good bet for winning.

Well, he did. By 28 minutes.

Wiens is such a cool guy. I love this quote…

“He’s Lance Armstrong. And he’s just off of the Tour,” Wiens said. “Last year he was just off of the couch. That made it a pretty fair fight for he and I. This year I rode fantastic today. I’m happy.”

Check out the entire AP article if you’d like more details.

I finally pulled myself away from Twitter and headed out to do my ride. I think all that racing vicariously through Twitter pumped me up.

We averaged 15mph – that’s a solid 3-4 mph over our previous fastest ride (not counting the LiveStrong century).

I’ll take my motivation where I can get it!


  1. That’s an awesome quote. “He was just off the couch, that made it a pretty fair fight” I’m cracking up.

  2. It’s amazing how much of my information I get from twitter now. The problem at Leadville was the cell coverage is really spotty. I’d try a half dozen times before i could get a tweet sent. Sometimes the info would be an hour old and I’d soon have another update to try getting sent. It was still way more real time than what we could do in the past.

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