Posted by: forgingahead | August 11, 2009

Funny Horse Tale

I arrived at the barn quite early this morning. So early that the horses had not yet been fed and I was the first human to arrive.

Most early mornings Now Voyager can be found with his head hanging over the back fence staring with single-minded focus in the general direction from which the feed cart approaches.

This morning he wasn’t in sight. That was my first clue.

I jumped out of the car and called to him and he peeked his head around the corner of his stall.

Hmmm, what’s he doing over there?

Then I notice that Impressario’s stall door is w.i.d.e. open. That’s not good. I hope Paula didn’t have to trailer him to the vet last night.

No sooner does that thought pass through my brain than I notice a black horse wandering around the aisle.

Ah, Impressario has escaped!

Then I start to notice a few other anomalies.

The horse blankets, usually nicely draped over the blanket bars, are strewn haphazardly around.

Tupperware containers that hold Fandango and Karnivale’s morning grain are suspiciously empty and overturned. And let me tell you, Fandango is NOT happy about this.

The funniest part of the entire scene is the look of pure unadulterated envy on the face of each and every horse trapped in his stall. Heads are hanging over fences and necks are stretched to capacity as if to say, “Choose me! I want to come out and play!”

And Impressario, gentleman that he is, is wandering from horse to horse as if to say, “If only I could, I would. But for now let me just rub it in” as he prances up and down the aisle.

I put Impressario away in his stall and cleaned up the evidence of his night of debauchery.

And then I called his mother.

He is so busted.



  1. If only horses could really talk…we’d have a really good story I’m sure!
    I loved your version though, very cute.

  2. Ha! Great story.

  3. Haha! Animals are so fun!

  4. So funny!

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