Posted by: forgingahead | August 6, 2009

Fatty Says: Don’t Say She Lost

Team Fat Cyclist and the universe of people who have been touched by Susan’s fight with cancer are very sad today.

Susan died on August 5th and the world lost one of its angels.

Read Fatty’s post and keep a box of tissues nearby.

The guys at TwinSix design Fatty’s jerseys and have been huge supporters of the fight against cancer. I love how they are honoring her memory:


I did a ride this morning wearing my Fat Cyclist jersey and the secret message on the collar “Team Fatty Fighting for Susan” gave me comfort.

You can join the fight against cancer and have a chance to win an Orbea Orca bike by going to this page on Fat Cyclist and then contributing to Fatty’s LiveStrong page.

Actually, you can contribute to any of the 500+ Team Fatty members. You can even contribute to my page if you so desire.

I don’t know about you, but having cancer take Susan and so many of our loved ones away makes me mad. And I have to do something.


  1. Cancer makes me mad too. Keep doing something, anything. Everyday we do something puts us one day closer to a cure.

  2. I’m very sorry to hear about this loss.
    I lost a dear friend to cancer over ten years ago. I get mad too when I think about how his new grandchild will never know him…

  3. Oh Kathleen… this makes me heart ache. Cancer is horrible, just horrible. I am inspired by your work to do something… big hugs to you…

  4. Thanks for your recent comment (I finally logged-on & finished my minor Tale of Woe)… but damn, I’m sorry to hear about Susan. My thoughts & prayers are w/Fatty – I’ll get out my tissues for a self-indulgent weepfest when I get home tomorrow, however. Still got a ways to drive!

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