Posted by: forgingahead | August 3, 2009

Night Riding

On my horse. Not on my bike.

These long days are great for packing in a lot of things.

I ran early this morning. Not very far because my legs were still protesting all the climbing we did on our bike ride Saturday.

Then work work work and more work.

I even made dinner when I got home. This is a rare enough occurrence that I can make a note.

And THEN I drove to Half Moon Bay and got on my horse.

It was a perfectly lovely summer evening on the coast. No wind. No fog. Just a quiet night with temps around 62 degrees.

The sun was just starting to go behind a few high clouds when Now Voyager and I started riding. Or maybe it was a fog bank. Hard to tell.

Here’s the thing about riding a horse, you’re sucked into being 100 percent in the moment. Because you’re interacting with a living breathing creature who has his own ideas about how he wants to move, how fast (or slow) he wants to go and whether or not he’s even paying attention to you.

I’m always pleasantly surprised to find at the end of each ride that I’ve completely forgotten about all the cares of the day. They just disappear like a puff of air. At least while I’m in the saddle.

And that, my friends, is just one of the many reasons to ride a horse. Maybe not cheaper than therapy, but perhaps as effective.

As I brushed Now Voyager, put him in his stall, prepared his grain and offered carrots to the other horses a nearly full moon started to peek through the forest of eucalyptus trees on the hill.

The perfect way to end the day. Not bad for a Monday!



  1. Lovely post. I’m sure that the evening was wonderful for both you and Now Voyager, an experience that bonded you to each other and to the beauty of the unfolding moments. Lovely indeed.

  2. I saw that moon last night – awesome!!! Perhaps I should take up horse riding as well 🙂

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