Posted by: forgingahead | July 31, 2009

Birthday Bounty

I had a wonderful birthday. Here are some photos (thanks Bert!) of the tangible part of the celebration.

Copious amounts of beautiful flowers and cards that make me smile and feel all warm and fuzzy inside.


The centerpiece of the birthday bounty is a slice of princess cake. This is my favorite cake in the whole world and Bert surprised me with a slice when we got home from dinner last night. What a sweetie!


Layers of sponge cake, whipped cream and fruit with a marzipan coating. YUM!

A few days ago my mom, grandma and Aunt Martha (who is kind enough to share her birth day with me) came to visit for an early birthday celebration.

This is my all-time favorite family photo. It really captures our family dynamic. That’s Martha sticking out her tongue! Grandma provided the birthday girls with corsages. Unfortunately, my Aunt Pam had to cancel at the last minute so my mom is wearing hers.


Bert took me to dinner at Alamo Square, one of our favorite neighborhood spots. It’s a seafood grill with fabulous French sauces and I always leave super happy.


I enjoyed grilled salmon with a beurre blanc sauce. Heaven.


Then the waiter enticed us to partake of a slice of the freshly baked pecan pie. Bert knew there was princess cake at home but I did not. So I blissfully munched away on the pie.

You want to know if I ate the princess cake when I got home, don’t you? Well, I did. And I enjoyed every bite. So there. *stamping my foot*

There have been quite a few treats lately. Take this beauty here…


We each chose our favorite cupcake…Martha wanted carrot cake and I went for the decadent chocolate caramel. We look pretty happy, no?


Really, the ingredients for a happy birthday are pretty simple. Family, friends and cake.

Call me simple.



  1. How could I have forgotten to wish you a happy birthday yesterday? I had good reason to remember too. 😉 You are a truly special person with the most amazing family photos to remember your day. Each one of you have something unmistakeable, an “it” factor, that makes me want to meet you all! That restaurant looks divine. We, on the other hand, were sweating at Seaworld, celebrating with a 7 yo. 🙂

  2. I hope you had an awesome birthday! it sounds like you did. You deserve the best….enjoy your weekend.

  3. Princess birthday cake?! That sounds perfect! Know of where I can get one up here in the PNW? Gots me a birthday coming up and I’m pretty sure I deserve Princess Birthday Cake!!

  4. The women in your family are just adorable. You’re lucky to have been able to celebrate your day together. Hope you and your aunt had a great day!

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Looks like a WONDERFUL celebration with family and of life. Cheers to a healthier you and many more to come!

  6. I love it – you look so happy and like it was all awesome!! PRETTY cake too!

  7. Great pictures! We really know how to celebrate!

  8. We had a great yummy time! Thanks to your cute husband for taking great pictures to remember it by. It was a fun relaxing day in your beautiful house and yard. Thank you.

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