Posted by: forgingahead | July 23, 2009

Fitness is a Funny Thing

I took a week off from all training after doing the century ride. Partly I was nursing a sore tendon/ligament behind my knee. But I was also just being lazy. Shocking, I know. (ok, you can stop giggling now)

And then the week before the ride I may have taken the whole tapering thing to a new level. That’s me, always trying to excel. I ran on Monday, biked about 10 miles on Wednesday and then meandered on my bike for about 20 minutes through my neighborhood on Friday. Hey, I was going to be *darn rested* for the 100 miles.

This is all a long-winded way to justify my run this Monday. Two weeks off from running, out of the pool for at least three weeks and a solid week of nothing.

Here’s the funny thing. Perhaps those of you who have been at this fitness gig for longer than a year can enlighten me.

I had a great run! Good energy. Ran up the hills without walking – and I’d been walking more, not less, in the weeks leading up to the century. And I did the 5 miles in my usual time of 56 minutes.

Stoked. That was me on Monday morning. Ok, so fitness had not packed up and left town when I was lazing around. Excellent news.

Cut to Monday night when a few little aches and pains started creeping in. I ignored them.

Tuesday my calves started complaining. By the end of the day my quads had joined the chorus.

Wednesday the backs of my knees started hurting and the pain in calves and quads had quadrupled. And no, I’m not trying to be funny with the whole *quad* reference. I wish.

Today is Thursday and I’m feeling more normal again. But I have to say I’m a wee bit scared to pull out the running shoes again.

What the heck did I do wrong?

Suggestions, advice and general good-natured ribbing are all welcome. Bring it.



  1. Did you do anything between your century ride and your run? I would think you’d be pretty sore if you hadn’t done anything, kinda like letting everything seize up and lock. Like I dont know if you did anything wrong necessarily, that’s just sort of how it works, yo uknow. if you dont want it to work that way, hah, then you have to go for an easy easy ride or swim or whatever — active recovery. but youll feel better soon!

  2. Maybe go for a swim tomorrow and then stretch really well. I agree with Kelly, you may be sore if you didn’t do any sort of recovery workout after your ride. And if the damp and cold ever make you ache (and that happens to me a lot) you could just be bearing the brunt of summer in our fair city.

  3. You’re still tired from the century! Give it another week or two, and include plenty of (or all) walking in the context of the runs. It’s going to take 3-4 weeks to recover from that ride; don’t rush it.

    • Thanks all! So the net net is do something but go easy. Check!

  4. Maybe a bit of the century still in the legs, maybe you were soooo rested that when you did ran you actually went harder than normal which = more sore than normal. Probably a combination of all 🙂 Active recovery is always good – maybe some swimming or easy riding tomorrow? Then try running easy again when the aches back off.

  5. Yes…coming back too quick will do you in. I had planned a 40mile bike today and had to cut it down to 25 because I was EXHAUSTED…but i’m trying to do stuff, but just ease back into it and recover. Sleep, drink lots of fluids and listen to the body.

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