Posted by: forgingahead | July 20, 2009

My Mom Rocks

aidswalk 008

My mom aka *century bike ride cheerleader extraordinaire* signed up to the do the San Francisco AIDSWalk yesterday. And this is no casual 5k kind of walk. Nope, this puppy is a full blown 10k.

This guy had a sign for what I’ve known my whole life…my mom is FABULOUS!

aidswalk 009

The walk was super fun. Thousands of people. A lot of families walking together. A lot of corporate folks too wearing matching shirts from Williams Sonoma, Gap, Bebe, Levis, Kenneth Cole. You name it, they were there in force.

I followed the Peets Coffee crew for a while but they must of been amped up on caffeine because we couldn’t keep up.

The walk was nicely supported and organized with great entertainment sprinkled throughout.

The Stanford band and the Cal band were both there and in top form. I swear my feet picked up and moved along faster feeding off their energy.

Then there were these lovely ladies. We passed them at the start and again 2 hours later at the finish and they still looked fresh as a daisy. Hmmm, maybe I should take up bellydancing and learn how to swivel my hips like that.

aidswalk 010

Thanks Mom for letting me share in your special day! Love that you picked an event, trained for it and completed it with style and grace!


  1. I’ve been toying with the idea of doing a walk. I think my big ole self can handle that…it’s just getting to these events that’s the kicker. Sometimes it’s a pain to get to Seattle or Tacoma…
    But there is a MS and an Autism walk that I wouldn’t mind doing…

  2. Go mom!!!! Awesome 🙂

  3. Thanks for being a great supporter and cheerleader for my first “organized” event. I had a great time and probably walked it much faster because you set a good pace.


    • YOU were setting the pace! Give yourself kudos Mom!

  4. Awesome fun! That sounds like a great event and time spent with your mom. 🙂

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