Posted by: forgingahead | July 14, 2009

A LiveStrong Photo Montage

I was little busy the other day. Riding my bike. 100 miles. Raising cash to kick cancer. Being part of the best team ever. Team Fat Cyclist.

I’m finding it difficult to put the experience into words. In the meantime, a photo montage courtesy of my step-dad Tony who, along with my mom Patricia and dad Ken were there ALL. DAY. LONG. cheering us on. And trust me, it was a long day. Love you guys!!

Bert and I ready to get this show on the road!

cropped kb bert

Me and my mom. Isn’t she adorable? I absolutely loved having her smiling face there throughout the day.


Bert’s giving me some pointers. Really he’s reminding me to *stay on his wheel* and not get dropped.


I know it looks like Team Fat Cyclist is hanging on my every word. Not so. A trickery of the photographer. We’re all just so darn ready to start cycling!


And we’re off! See, I still have time to wave to mom at this point. Moments later I’ll be busting a move to keep up with the pelaton.

were off

Mom and Tony were at the rest stop at mile 50 and this shot is taken as we’re heading back out onto the road. Next up Metcalf Hill. And yes, I wound up walking part of it.


Here we are crossing the finish line almost exactly 8 hours from the time we began. There were a couple of hiccups that slowed us down (more on that later). The big goals were met. Finish the ride. Don’t get hurt. Done and done!

cropped big finish



  1. […] And the Kathleen “centric” version. […]

    • Pink Bunny Ears – email me at kathleen at jumpmarketing dot com as something went haywire when I tried to comment on your site and I don’t have your email. Thanks!

  2. Love the pics! And so awesome your mom and step-dad got to be a part of it too! It is awesome to share events like this with family.

  3. GREAT pics, Kathleen!! Looks like it was truly a fantastic day. Way to GO. 🙂

  4. I agree with Sarah…fantastic photographs and you look so happy. I’m sure it was an amazing experience, difficult to put into words but you’re doing a great job; can’t wait to hear more. 100 miles? You rock!

  5. YEAH!!! Congrats – what a huge accomplishment!!! And so cool that you had family at the race. The pictures are awesome.

  6. hey, now that youre a 100-mile riding expert, wanna do the marin century? 🙂

  7. I walked too. I tried to stay with you and Bert, but girl when you hit that left turn in Saratoga you were flying. Way to GO!!!

    You definitely earned those Sidi shoes. I am not worthy. 🙂

    It was great meeting you and Bert. I am really glad you made it to the end. Congrats!! Some of us are headed to Austin, wanna go on a road trip?

    Take Care

  8. You rock, my beautiful daughter! Love you-Mom

  9. […] As Bert and I approached the finish line together I had the biggest grin on my face. Mom, Tony and my dad Ken were there to greet us and we shared hugs all around. I posted a montage of photos from the day yesterday. […]

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