Posted by: forgingahead | July 9, 2009

Athleta, FatCyclist, LiveStrong

You may wonder what the three things in the title of this post have in common. Well, let me enlighten you…

While tapering this week I found myself with a little extra time on my hands.

Never one to lounge around eating cheesecake and reading mysteries *aha, so you say you’re onto my little secret?* I’ve instead been hard at work. I know, I know…you’re just clamoring for details.

Well, I’ve been working on the latest installment of the Training for a Century Ride series that Coach Sage Rountree and I have been collaborating on for Athleta. Pop on over and check it out. The series is packed with nuggets of coaching gold and useful tips, all from Sage. I’m just there to provide the comic relief.

Three days until the LiveStrong Challenge in San Jose! Here’s where our team is at fundraising-wise:


Fatty wrote a beautiful and heart-wrenching post about his wife Susan this week. Grab a box of tissues and read it. You’ll understand why Bert and I were moved to join Team Fatty and tackle the (to me) monumental goal of cycling a century.


And if you’d like to contribute to the “let’s kick cancer’s a$$ cause” you can do so at my page or anywhere on the LiveStrong site.

livestrong braceletA lovely yellow LiveStrong bracelet for anyone who contributes.

WIN Susan!



  1. I want to read Fatty’s post, but not sure I can handle it right now. So, I will just tell you I think you are incredible! I am so excited for you and amazed by you! Know I am cheering you from across the webz:) {{{biiiiiig hugs}}}

  2. Have a GREAT ride this weekend – wish I was going to be there as well!!

  3. You go girl!! I’ll be thinking of you.

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