Posted by: forgingahead | July 7, 2009

Is it really July?

This is my birthday month. I know, I’m spoiled. My birthday isn’t until the 30th but I tend to claim the entire month as my own.

There may be a few reasons for this.

With a birthday deep in the heart of summer I never enjoyed the fanfare of a birthday celebration during the school year. With balloons and cake and all your friends singing happy birthday.

Do you have a summer birthday and if so can you relate?

Then there is the unique fact that I share my birthday with my two aunts – my mom’s two sisters. No, they are not twins.

Martha came first. She’s my godmother too and I love her to bits. Her wicked sense of humor keeps us all in stitches.

Five years later my mom and Martha’s baby sister Pamela came along. Rumor has it grandma had a choice regarding the actual delivery date and elected the 30th. Perhaps she thought it would be fun for Martha to share?

Pamela is only 11 years older than me and has been a bit of big sister. She and her husband lived at Donner Lake when we were kids and visiting them was synonymous with having big fun. Snowball fights in the winter. Swimming in the lake in the summer.

I joined the world on Martha’s 16th birthday and the fact that she still loves me in spite of raining on her sweet sixteen gives you a glimpse into her generous spirit. Pam tells me she thought I was living doll delivered as a birthday present just for her.

So July 30th was always a bit of a birthday splash in my family. Three times the fun, you see?

But maybe being one of three contributed to my stubborn insistence that the whole month is mine.

I’m just lucky enough to be married to a wonderful man who happens to agree.




  1. Happy Birthday Month!
    Yes, I have a summer birthday. So does the oldest of my younger brothers. His birthday is 27 days before mine (but two years later). In order to save money, my folks would have joint birthday parties for us. Not always fun…

  2. Happy birth month.

  3. Ahhh, great story! Three birthdays on the same day. I agree with you that in that case, you just have to start the celebration early, like say…on July 1.

  4. We always think of it as a birth “month” around here! Hope yours is great.

  5. Yea birthday month!! Have to celebrate as MUCH as possible!

  6. Seriously? You share a birthday with my favorite little boy in the world. That makes you extra special. I take a couple days off of work for the Jakeapalooza. 🙂 You should have one too!

  7. I think having a whole month to celebrate your birthday is perfect!!!

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