Posted by: forgingahead | June 25, 2009

Feeling Stonger

Cue the theme music from Rocky *humming*

That bike ride that got pre-empted by breakfast yesterday? It totally rocked. Or should I say *I* totally rocked the ride.

Sure, the wind was up. We knew the risks when changed the plan. There’s A.L.W.A.Y.S. wind in Half Moon Bay and it builds as the day goes on. So an evening ride was sure to be full of it.

Our heroine (that’s me!) relished the opportunity to ride into the wind. To double the training effort. Bring it on!

Bert mapped out a 20 mile course that seemed like all hills. Perhaps I overstate. There was a big hill at the beginning (up the hard side of Higgins Canyon) and then we pushed hard on the loop back towards Highway One.

purisma canyon

See my pretty orange line? I am so not a designer, but you get the idea. Rudimentary use of fine tools.

I digress.

Once we hit Highway One we turned around returned from whence we came. (See how I drifted into Shakespearean dialect? Clever. Ha!)

Which yes, had us going back up the slightly shorter, less steep side of the hill we’d rocketed down a time before.

The best part? I swear my legs were getting stronger as ride wore on. What a feeling!

Of course every time Bert looked over at me I was eating something. Munch. Munch. Munch.

Followed up the bike ride with a ride on Now Voyager. I think he was glad to see me, though he may be falling for the charms of Paula, my friend who is taking most excellent care of him while I’m keeping busy with a work project.

DOUBLE BONUS! Anke Herbert showed up while I was riding and gave us an impromptu lesson! Oh joy. Both the horse and I carry ourselves better when she’s around. Something to do with pride and wanting to do well for her. She has the effect on her students.

This perfectly fabulous day was topped off by a Little Star pizza. If you live in or near SF and haven’t tried it…go now. I insist. You will be happy.



  1. Always a great feeling to feel like you are getting STRONGER as the ride goes on!

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