Posted by: forgingahead | June 24, 2009

Breakfast Trumps Cycling

I set the alarm this morning and rolled out of bed bright and early with *every* intention of getting on my bike.

Then I glanced out the window. Big mistake. F.O.G. A giant wall of it.

*Sigh* That’s ok (I mumbled to myself) I’ll just wear lots of clothes.

THEN, Bert made me an offer I simply could not refuse. I don’t think you could have refused it either.

“How about we try that fun Red Cafe in the Mission for breakfast,” he said with a grin. “Then after work we’ll head down to Half Moon Bay and do a ride. AND you can see your horse.”

Music to my ears. Is it really possible to have a day that packed with good stuff?

Life is good.



  1. Yeah! You sound genuinely content. Love that.

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