Posted by: forgingahead | June 15, 2009

Yes I’m Here

Quick post to say howdy and how was your weekend and how is your week coming along?

Me? I did a 72 mile ride and a 28 mile ride this weekend. My legs are T.I.R.E.D.

I played with my horse and Anke complimented us on our canter work. Yipee!

I’m struggling a bit with how to pack enough food for these long rides. We have one more long training ride left before we start the taper for LiveStrong so I have to figure it out this week.

I am, however, fresh out of whatever witty storytelling juice I usually have stashed in the deep recesses of my brain.

So I’ll sign off quickly before I write something goofy.

Oh, and if you have fuel advice for long bike rides, give it up. I mean, please share. Pretty please.


  1. That’s some good riding. Hope you figure out the nutrition. I tend to stop a couple times and buy some stuff.

  2. Always left impressed by your stamina and passion for riding; your awesome!

  3. Always left impressed by your stamina and passion for riding; you’re awesome!

  4. No tips for ya but wow! All that cycling and you still went and rode your horse? Awesome.

  5. I’m big on Larabars — they pack a punch, and are small enough to stash three or four in a jersey pocket.

    If you have more of a stomach for sugar, try energy gels and chews. FWIW, Clif is somewhat less synthetic than most other brands. And they do have that groovy new packaging that allows you to one-hand their Shot Blocks.

    Keep in mind that Livestrong is a supported ride, so they will have stuff for you to consume at the fueling stations (aka “Power Stops”). You can’t go too far wrong with bananas.

  6. Hey Girl!
    Man I am SO behind on blogs. Nothing personal. Just living a crazy, busy life! I’ve missed reading your blog though and as I look through your posts I realized I REALLY missed reading your blog!!

    I am SOOO proud of you. It sounds like you’ve really challenged yourself and you are doing SO awesome. Way to go, Kathleen! I think you are going to rock your century. Just remember to keep spinning up those climbs!

    As for food – my favorite long-ride food is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Maybe 1 1/2 for a hundred mile ride, though like Jen says, they will have aid stations so one will likely suffice. Break it up into 4-6 pieces and eat one piece every 15-20 miles.

    I also love Clif Shot Blocks. Additionally, the fruit bars (you know, they’re in the bulk food sections and they’re like the natural version of fig newtons but they have fruit like strawberry in them) rock.

    Also oatmeal raisin cookies. 🙂

    Go Kathleen, Go!!

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