Posted by: forgingahead | June 9, 2009

A Guatamalan Triathlon

My friend Coach Allison gets the award for doing a triathlon in one of the more remote and exotic locations.

Here’s her writeup…

El Remate Triathlon, called Hombre Maya. It’s a 1km swim in beautiful lake Peten-Itza, 34km bike to Tikal, the famous Mayan Pyramids, and 7km run in the pyramids, ending in the central plaza of the pyramids. When? June 21, the summer solstice, when there’s almost guaranteed to be a ceremony by Mayan Shamans celebrating the passage of time and praying for world peace.

El Remate is in Guatamala and Allison was there recently for a couple of months helping the local women plant vegetable gardens. She’s going back this week to taste the fruits of her labor as well as participate in this triathlon.

Allison and I attempted our very first triathlon together last year and had a ball.

We did a bit of training together in Mexico so she’s has experience south of the border. I predict she’ll podium.

I’m sending out good wishes to my friend as she embarks on another adventure!



  1. That sounds like an awesome triathlon. Good luck to her.

  2. Now that sounds like fun!

  3. Sounds very cool!

  4. That sounds amazing!

  5. In response to your question about what to eat on long rides…what I have found so far for calorie intake are some of the usual suspects: energy drinks (powerbar endurance), gels…and some other interesting finds I have had(but don’t eat the whole thing all at once…have a bento box on your bike that you can eat out of): poptarts, rice crispy treats, and fig newtons. Generally it is when i’m at mile 50 or so and at a conveince store and see something and think: yum…i want to eat THAT…that i discover a new treat. I know…not very calculated. Cliff bars are also good, just don’t eat them all at once. Hope that gives you a few ideas!

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